6th July 2024: Migration to Malaysia – Money of all workers who failed to depart as part of alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi workers for forced labour in Malaysia to be refunded

Migration to Malaysia - Money of all workers who failed to depart as part of alleged criminal syndicate Trafficking Bangladeshi workers for Forced Labour in Malaysia to be refunded

6th July 2024: Migration to Malaysia – Money of all workers who failed to depart as part of alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi workers for forced labour in Malaysia to be refunded

The money of all workers who failed to depart as part of alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi workers for forced labour in Malaysia is said to be refunded. Secretary General of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) Ali Haider Chowdhury has said each of the Bangladeshi workers who could not fly to Malaysia despite depositing money will be refunded within the government-stipulated time.

Original Source: The Daily Sun by Rajib Kanti Roy – 6th July 2024

“Responding to our requests, the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment has fixed the deadline for refunding workers’ money at 18 July. The agencies who failed to send workers even after receiving money from them will return the money to each of them,” he told the Daily Sun in an exclusive interview on Friday.

The BAIRA secretary general said being unable to go to Malaysia, the workers are living in an inhuman condition. Therefore, if they get their money back, they will find consolation.

Asked whether the refund will be limited to Tk78,990, the government-fixed cost for migration to Malaysia or the amount actually the workers deposited (which varies from Tk4,00,000 to Tk6,50,000 as per the workers), Ali Haider said the workers will get the amount they deposited to the agencies but they will have to submit receipt copies, vouchers or any other available proof in support of their claim.

He, however, said the agencies will not take responsibility for the money deposited to any middlemen. “Agencies will return the money that they received. Why should they refund the money which they didn’t receive?” he asked.

Urging all agency owners to refund the money to workers, the BAIRA leader said if any agency does not refund money despite workers’ submission of proof, the ministry will take action accordingly and the BAIRA will extend all sorts of cooperation to the government in this regard.

Terming the strain the aspirant Bangladeshi workers encountered throughout the process of their migration ‘unfortunate’, he said the recruiting agencies should not be blamed alone for this.

“We can’t avoid our responsibility in this regard. But one shouldn’t blame only the recruiting agencies for this situation,” the BAIRA secretary general observed.

He said they sent some 45,000 workers to Malaysia in May alone but the Malaysian authorities issued visas even in the last couple of days before finishing the deadline on 31 May, asking how agencies could send workers within such short notice.

According to him, some 53 employers have been blacklisted by the Bangladesh government while 47 others by the Malaysian government and therefore, no workers under them could be sent. “Besides, some of the Malaysian employers initially placed worker orders but suddenly stopped recruiting workers later.”

Speaking about the syndication in sending workers to Malaysia, Ali Haider, also a valiant freedom fighter, said they are always against any monopoly in the process.

“We wanted to ensure equal opportunities for all our recruiting agencies to send workers to Malaysia.

However, the Malaysian authorities included a clause in the agreement that they would select the Bangladeshi agencies. They told the Bangladesh government to send a list of agencies to them and picked some 100 agencies from the list. We had nothing to do with it,” he claimed.

Asked about the involvement of a few Bangladeshi lawmakers and former BAIRA leaders in forming a syndicate, the BAIRA leader said all the citizens have the right to do business in the country but no one can create a syndicate and control the whole business.

“If such allegations are found true and anyone is found guilty, the government can take action,” he said.

Denying the allegations of lawmakers and big agency owners exerting influence over BAIRA, Ali Haider said his organisation is always vocal about the rights and opportunities of all of its members and no one has any scope of enjoying any special treatment from it.

The BAIRA secretary general, however, admitted that once syndicates operated monopoly business while sending workers to some certain countries. “When the Saudi market was opened for our female workers, only 29 agencies could do business. Once only four agencies could send workers to South Korea and 9-13 agencies to Singapore but now the avenue has opened for more agencies. Whenever we found even any hint of syndication, we informed the respective governments and managed to ensure opportunities for others.”

He thinks still the migration sector has a lot of anomalies and malpractices and they are assisting the government to bring it to an order.

Asked whether they have made any country-wise recommendations to the government based on their experiences, Ali Haider said ahead of the upcoming meeting of the Joint Working Group in Malaysia at the end of this month, they made a seven-point recommendation to the government.

“We spoke to the ministry about several initiatives, including reopening the market for all agencies, keeping the option of employers’ choice and following ILO convention,” the BAIRA secretary general said, adding that they also called for preferring the workers who could not go to Malaysia despite depositing money once the market is reopened.

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