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Why Human Rights Matter to Business?

Risky Business with Darian McBain: Asia

15th January 2024

Why Human Rights Matter to Business with Darian McBain - Interview with Andy Hall - Migrant Worker Rights Specialist

Why Human Rights Matter to Business with Darian McBain – Interview with Andy Hall – Migrant Worker Rights Specialist

Asian business is changing. Customer demands, government regulations, stakeholder expectations, they are all evolving under the pressure of the environmental crisis. And even the most robust business models are starting to show cracks. But it’s through those cracks that opportunities arrive.

Do you know how to navigate this new normal?

Andy Hall is a human rights defender, a researcher/investigator and activist, and an independent specialist on migrant worker rights.

In this episode of Risky Business, Andy talks about how he uncovered – and helped to tackle – the problem of labour rights abuses in Malaysia’s latex glove industry.

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Andy Hall

Andy Hall

Andy Hall is a British human rights defender and a migrant worker specialist working in Asia, Middle East and the Gulf

6 days ago

Andy Hall
*Minting money from a migrant services monopoly*The Malaysianist will be kicking off a series on Malaysia’s migrant services players.Subscribe to read at the chain of such services are monopolies boasting high-profile shareholders and directors. Today’s focus is on Fomema Sdn Bhd, the foreign workers’ health screening platform.Migrant recruits will encounter this company when they land in Malaysia and are about to be employed.Here, they’ll be screened and either approved fit for work or sent back to their home country. There are two health screenings that usually recruits go to. The first is in their home country and the second is when they reach Malaysia.The migrant has to complete the medical screenings within seven days upon arrival. The screening in Malaysia is paid for by the hiring company.Fomema naturally has a monopoly on the service and this has led the company to rake in huge profits while rewarding its shareholders with multi-million ringgit dividends.*Subscribe to the Malaysianist to read more* ... See MoreSee Less
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A Discussion with Andy Hall About his Work and Life - February 2022

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