1st June 2024: Must history repeat itself with the Malaysian labour market’s alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi migrant workers for forced labour

Must history repeat itself with the Malaysian labour market’s alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangaldeshi workers for forced labour

1st June 2024: Must history repeat itself with the Malaysian labour market’s alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi migrant workers for forced labour

On May 31, Malaysia once again closed its doors to aspiring Bangladeshi migrant workers —along with migrants from 13 other countries—because of anomalies in the worker recruitment process. Since the Southeast Asian country first started taking migrants from Bangladesh, the labour market has been frozen several times, reportedly due to corruption and irregularities in the process at the expense of migrants’ exploitation and criminalisation. It is frustrating that in all these years, neither the Bangladeshi government nor its Malaysian counterpart took any effective steps to address the widely reported irregularities and bring to book the syndicates involved in the recruitment process.

Original Source: The Daily Star – Editorial – 1st June 2024

Address recurring irregularities, investigate high-level officials involved in the corrupt process in both countries concerning Bangladeshi migrant workers

Migrating to a life of unemployment

The last MoU signed by the two countries in 2021 capped the cost of recruitment for each Bangladeshi migrant at $720, but in reality workers ended up paying as much as $5,000, the highest price globally, according to a report in our daily. Meanwhile, workers kept on being deceived by ghost recruiters, then jailed and detained in Malaysia for no fault of their own. In the meantime, the syndicates, including 100 Bangladeshi recruiting agencies, some of which are owned by Bangladeshi lawmakers and their families, kept on making money at the Bangladeshi migrant workers expense. A portion of this money is also being laundered to Malaysia as bribes for Malaysian recruitment firms.

Save our Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia

In a recent letter to both governments, four UN experts talked about exploitation noting that “certain high-level officials in both governments are involved in this business or condoning it.” Yet, the Malaysian high commissioner to Bangladesh would have us believe that the syndicates recruiting Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia are “beyond the control of the two governments.” After decades of migrant exploitation right under their noses, can the two governments absolve themselves of their responsibilities, particularly when they are yet to acknowledge—much less take action against—high-level officials involved in the corrupt process?

They must bring the perpetrators to book, no matter how powerful the syndicates are. The irregularities in migrants recruitment need to be resolved once and for all, so that our workers do not return as dead bodies or financially and emotionally broken individuals.

1st June 2024: Malaysia’s dream ends in deprivation for Bangladeshi migrant workers of criminal syndicate

Original Source: Kalerkantho by Taufiq Hasan – 1st June 2024

► 12 flights left from Bangladesh ► About 3500 Bangladeshi migrant workers were seen waiting in uncertainty at the airport last night.
Malaysia's dream ends in deprivation

Thousands of people without flight tickets to Malaysia thronged Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport from yesterday morning. Photo: Manjurul Karim

The labor market in Malaysia, one of the preferred places for Bangladeshi migrant workers seeking employment abroad, was closed on Friday. Through this, the picture of ruthless corruption of a syndicate or circle has emerged. Through them, thousands of Bangladeshi migrants have been cheated in the country and abroad , the picture of which was seen yesterday at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Around 3,500 Bangladeshi migrant workers who got permission till 9:30 pm yesterday are seen waiting in uncertainty.

Deprived Bangladeshi migrant workers who gathered at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport in a last attempt to go to Malaysia yesterday. Most of these workers sell land or their last possessions and raise money to go to Malaysia by taking loans from moneylenders at high interest rates. At the end of a certain period of time, their hope has been dashed by the desperate dream breaking.

Sources at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport say that 12 flights from Bangladesh left for Malaysia yesterday.Between 2,000 and 2,500 workers went to Malaysia on these flights.

Around 5,000 Bangladeshi migrant workers have been at the airport since yesterday morning. The workers claim that the agencies have assured them that they will arrange the tickets. But when he will issue the ticket, that assurance has not been given.Workers are in uncertainty about this.

According to Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment sources , in today’s (yesterday) online meeting held with the Malaysian government, it was decided that as many workers as will go from Bangladesh till tonight, all of them will be allowed to enter Malaysia.

Bangladeshi Migrants Moan

Many of the workers were staying at Shahjalal Airport for three to four days. They spent these few days in the swing of hope and despair.

24 workers are scheduled to go to Malaysia through recruiting agency Greenland Overseas. But even after staying at the airport for three days, they did not see the ticket.

Yesterday the resident of Naogaon . Saifullah told Kal Kantha, ” If you cannot go to Malaysia, you will not return home.” By mortgaging the land , I raised six lakhs by borrowing interest and installments. If I can’t go to Malaysia, I can’t work, where will I pay this money from? ‘

Resident of Jamalpur . Rubel said, ‘ If I can’t go today, I will be completely destitute. Don’t know if they will refund the money or not . I have collected six lakh rupees by selling the land, borrowing in interest and installments. I don’t know how to return home if I can’t go now. ‘

Salma Begum, a resident of the same district, said , ‘ I have been traveling around the airport for three days. Nia is coming from home the day before yesterday. Says – you come quickly , I will give you tickets. Now I don’t even get tickets, I don’t even say anything. We are in the same situation as a person drowns in a river. ‘

Not just Saifullah , Rubel or Salma Begum, this is the frustration among thousands of workers across the airport.

He came from Patuakhali . Five people including Shafiq Shikder. But the ticket was not resolved.

Shafiq Shikder told Kal Kantha , ‘ Now we are being told that if you can buy tickets , then go away. Now if the matter is left to us, why did we go to them? Why then said that they will do everything. Now they are running away with burden on our heads. We have no chance of getting a flight. Now I see only darkness. I am bringing money by borrowing on interest with much difficulty. This installment is to be paid every week. If I don’t pay it properly, they will file a case in my name. ‘

Shihab Molla, a resident of Khulna, said , ‘ The broker just says there is a ticket , I give it, come to the airport. This has been going on for three days. Just come and go every day. Now the money is in their hands. We are hostages to them. We have to accept what they are doing. Now he says it will happen today. But when it will happen, it does not say. ‘

Tipu Sultan, Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) said to Kal Kantha, ” It is going to be closed on the 31st , everyone knew it beforehand. We told the government, if more number of chartered flights could have been done through diplomatic dialogue, this problem could have been eliminated long ago. We think that the initiative of the government was lacking. The government can still diplomatically arrange for those who have received visas to leave. ‘

In this regard, State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury said , ‘ I asked Bayra for the list of how many people will go and how they will go. But they could not provide any list. As a result we had to face problems. But now those whose tickets have been confirmed are being sent. Others will be decided later. ‘

The arena of corruption is the labor market

Malaysia’s labor market is like an arena of corruption. The government fixed the cost of immigration at 78 thousand 990 taka, but the workers gave 4.5 to 6.5 lakh taka per person. Although prohibited by law, there are allegations of visa trading. Each visa is purchased by recruiting agencies for a minimum of six thousand ringgit.

The owners of the controlling syndicate are alleged to have paid Rs 1 lakh 42 thousand per worker. But the workers who went against it did not get any work. Lakhs of workers are living an inhumane life due to non-payment and lack of work. 

In this regard, Haznah Md . , the country’s high commissioner appointed in Dhaka last Wednesday . Hashim said, ‘ Syndicate is a matter which is beyond the control of the Malaysian and Bangladesh governments. However, the governments of the two countries are cooperating with each other to solve this problem. ‘ 

The joint editor of Baira said , ‘ We want all agencies of the country to send workers to all countries. We don’t want syndication for any reason. ‘

First 25, then 101 syndicates

Malaysia has stopped hiring workers since 2009 due to allegations of various irregularities and corruption. When recruitment started again after six long years, 10 recruiting agencies were tasked with sending workers , who formed a syndicate. At that time, the cost was fixed at 37 thousand taka, but the agencies took 3 to 3.5 lakh taka from the workers. Malaysia’s labor market was closed again in 2018 due to corruption allegations. After that, this labor market was reopened on August 8, 2022 through the signing of a memorandum of understanding in December 2021. However, in July 2022, the Malaysian government decided to give the task of sending workers to 25 Bangladeshi agencies. But after the anti-syndicate movement of the underprivileged recruiting agencies, Malaysia gave the task of sending workers to 75 private and one government agency. 

Ministers in Syndicate – MPs

The names of recruiting agencies for ministers and MPs have also surfaced in Malaysia’s syndicate . However, their companies could not send such workers to Malaysia.

BMET data says that all agencies except the top 25 have sent the same number of workers. This number is seven thousand to eight thousand. Manpower exporters say that some MPs’ establishments have not actually sent any workers. They used to sell requisitions to other agencies for 35 thousand rupees per worker.

According to the information available from BMET , the most influential among the organizations of these minister-MPs was Dhaka-20 Constituency MP Benazir Ahmed’s Ahmad International (RL-1146). As of April 24, the company has sent 7,869 workers. However, the company had sent only 387 workers abroad in seven years before entering the Malaysian syndicate.

There is no end to suffering

Malaysian expats have a Facebook group called ‘ Job Khabar ‘ . Its members are 70 thousand. Hundreds of workers search for jobs in this group every day. They are living unemployed for six months , seven months and even a year.

Regarding the complaint of workers not getting this job, Secretary of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Ministry  Ruhul Amin told Kal Kantha, ‘ The situation as you say and promote , has not yet developed. We are in daily contact with the embassy. According to the embassy, ​​only 5,190 workers have not found work so far. ‘

But Malaysian sources say that hundreds of thousands of workers who went to work in Malaysia have not found work.

Immigration expert Asif Munir said , ‘ Malaysia had decided this time long ago. But this processing was more manpower than time. As a result, the process needed to be expedited. And there is no guarantee that all those who have gone will get a job . Now it needs to be monitored. Besides, there is a need for a high-level committee of the government to stop syndicates, corruption and irregularities, which committee can hold everyone involved in this sector accountable.

This report concerns thousands of workers at the international airport in Dhaka. It states that 31,701 workers were unable to fly due to a lack of tickets. In nine flights from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur, about 1,500 managed to travel. Airlines are exploiting the situation by charging per air ticket 130,000 BDT, while the actual ticket price is about 30,000 BDT. The report also states that about 5,000 Bangladeshi migrant workers were stranded at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on May 31st.
This video report by Daily Star in Dhaka is highlighting on the Bangladeshi Malaysia syndicate trafficking workers for forced labour, exorbitant migration cost and the UN experts statement HERE

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