26th March 2024: Workers Rock Podcast (Nepal) – Migrant Workers Rights (Southeast Asia) with guest Andy Hall

Andy Hall - Migrant Worker Rights Specialist

26th March 2024: Workers Rock Podcast (Nepal) – Migrant Workers Rights (Southeast Asia) with guest Andy Hall

Workers Rock Podcast with Andy Hall:

Workers Rock is a podcast that focuses on the fact that we can change the future of work across the globe. Meet workers’ rights defenders, advocates, historians, union leaders and human resources professionals who have one thing in common, the desire to change what is work for the masses – hosted by Amorette Miller.

The Workers Rock Podcast in Nepal met with Andy Hall, who is a 20+ year Migrant Worker’s Rights Defender.

He has been essential in the remediation of 200 million dollars in recruitment fees to migrant workers who were duped by erroneous recruiters in Southeast Asia.

Andy runs a grassroots operation staffed by other worker’s rights advocate’s, many of whom are former migrant workers. They as a group, scope out working conditions, wage and treatment violations, and laser in on forcing corporations to change their unfair labour practices.

Full Workers Rock Podcast – HERE

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