1st March 2024: Duped Bangladeshi worker dies while trying to go home

Duped Bangladeshi worker (another victim of alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi workers for forced labour in Malaysia?) dies while trying to go home

FMT 1 Mar 2024: Duped Bangladeshi worker (another victim of alleged criminal syndicate trafficking Bangladeshi workers for forced labour in Malaysia) dies while trying to go home

An activist says Shofiqul Islam, 33, duped Bangladeshi worker, had been jobless for six months and died of a heart attack after obtaining a travel permit from his high commission.

Original Source – FMT by Ameer Fakhri – 1st March 2024

PETALING JAYA: A Bangladeshi man has reportedly died of a heart attack while attempting to return home, six months after he was duped into coming to Malaysia for a non-existent job.

The man, Shofiqul Islam, 33, had remained unemployed and endured poor living conditions since he arrived. He died last night at a workers’ hostel in Sepang, Selangor, according to Aziz Ismail, a member of the Selangor Anti-Human Trafficking Council.

Aziz said Shofiqul had obtained a travel permit from the Bangladesh high commission to return home. “Unfortunately, the victim suffered a fatal heart attack last night due to stress, and he died on the spot,” said Aziz.

Aziz claimed that the victim was one of 280 Bangladeshi nationals he had interviewed, who were duped by a company based in Johor Bahru.

He said each worker had paid around RM20,000 to RM25,000 in recruitment fees to come to Malaysia for work.

Initially placed in Johor Bahru upon arrival, the workers were later relocated by the company to a shophouse in Sepang where they were forced to put up with poor living conditions.

FMT is seeking comment from the company.

Aziz said he had tried to help Shofiqul and 13 others seek legal recourse from the labour department but was told it could not do anything as the company involved was based in Johor Bahru.

Aziz said he had also sent emails to the human resources minister and home minister on the matter in January. “Unfortunately, I have not received any response.”

Aziz said the company had withheld the passports belonging to Shofiqul and his fellow countrymen. Some of Shofiqul’s friends were beaten up when they demanded the return of their passports, he said.

RTV Online 1st Mar 2024: Expatriates die without getting work in Malaysia (google translate)


Visa of the alleged deceased

Original Source: Rtv News by Mustafa Imran Raju 

On August 5 last year, 71 Bangladeshis came to Malaysia to work in a construction company called Petra Zehra Berhad. Soon after their dream came to Malaysia, their dream was broken. These expatriates are living an inhumane life due to hunger and lack of treatment without getting work for almost five months. If you go to raise the complaint of suffering, you have to be a victim of brutal torture.

One of them is Pabna expatriate Md. Shafiqul Islam (33). He came to Malaysia through a recruiting agency called Unique. He died at 9:30 on Friday morning.

An eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said that he was ill, had no treatment, went to sleep at night as usual but did not wake up.

The condition of the rest of the Bangladeshis staying there is not good either. They spend time in fear and panic. These expatriates are regularly subjected to torture by the employer’s employees. Even after arriving in Malaysia on October 5, I still have not received a visa or a job.

Several of them also went to the Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia complaining of not getting work. Despite the assurance, the High Commission could not make any final solution.

In this regard, Labor Councilor of Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia, Syed Shariful Islam said, “There are many complaints against Petra Zehra Berhad Company, we have already taken action against them. The High Commission has taken steps to prevent this company from bringing any new workers in the future. He also commented that the High Commission is working to solve the problems of workers who have not yet found work.

The High Commission is working to send the body of the deceased Shafiqul Islam to the country through the company. At the same time, the official also said that his family will get compensation for coming legally.

Meanwhile, we talked about this with a Bangladeshi named Iftekar working in Petra Zehra Berhad Company. He said that the complaints of the victims are not correct, they were not laid hands on, the company also provided good food. They had to be kept for five months due to tax complications. However, he also said that the problem will be solved by March 4/5 and everyone will get visa.

Iftekhar also said that Shafiqul Islam was taken to Sepang Hospital after receiving the news of his death. The doctor on duty there declared him dead.

Many of the workers who do not get work on calling visa are living a subhuman life. Such complaints are regularly coming to the High Commission from different parts of Malaysia. In this regard, the High Commissioner appointed in Malaysia recently said in response to a question from journalists that there is no exemption for those who are involved in such work. The High Commission will consider giving approval to the company against which there is a complaint.

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