22nd June 2022: Illegal ‘visa trading’ augments migrants’ woes – very good article on reality of why foreign worker manpower recruitment is so often abusive, expensive and leads to debt bondage/forced labour – ‘kickbacks, visa trading, corruption are key factors that need to be addressed’

See https://www.tbsnews.net/bangladesh/migration/illegal-visa-trading-augments-migrants-woes-443910

Very important news article here highlighting clearly and simply the systemic corruption, kickbacks and visa trading’ processes embedded today in foreign worker recruitment practices across the globe. It’s just one source country example of Bangladesh highlighted here, but it’s the same issue in every source and destination country for foreign workers. Hidden payments for foreign worker manpower demands/visas to employers or middle men, all costs then passed onto workers in the end. And still most people/policy makers refuse to accept this genuine reality on the ground and just continue to blame the exorbitant recruitment fees and costs issues on source country manpower agents taking money unfairly from at risk foreign workers at source. But it is source country manpower agents who pay these massive hidden costs to get the manpower demand from destination country agents/employers/middlemen, or are forced to pay these costs. Unhealthy competition or syndicates makes matters worse and costs even higher. And that’s why in the end the high ‘hidden’ fees are then passed onto or paid by foreign workers who end up in debt and then at high risk of forced labour through debt bondage. All the recruitment costs are passed onto the foreign workers to bear whether or not the employer pays any of these costs or not. An important read for summary of the real challenges to ethical recruitment today due to visa trading, kickbacks and systematic corruption

‘Kickbacks, visa trading and corruption are key factors that need to be addressed in order to ensure ethical foreign worker manpower recruitment’ – Andy Hall

See https://www.tbsnews.net/bangladesh/migration/illegal-visa-trading-augments-migrants-woes-443910

Also for an academic summary of related issues see Transnational Culture of Corruption in Migrant Labour Recruitment https://publications.iom.int/system/files/pdf/transnational_culture.pdf

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