Donations to support and assist Andy Hall’s investigation and campaigning work across Asia can be made directly via his bank account in the UK.

Name on Account: Mr AJ Hall

International Bank AC No (IBAN): GB27 NAIA 07011635510284

Bank SWIFT code: MIDLGB22

Bank BIC code: NAIAGB21

Bank Branch Address: Nationwide Building Society, Electra House 4th Floor, Swindon, SN1 5TY

Bank Branch Sort Code: 07-01-16

You can also donate to Andy via Paypal using account which is also Andy Hall’s personal email address

4 thoughts on “DONATE/SUPPORT NOW”

  1. GB27 NAIA 0701/635 510284 can’t be correct for an IBAN. IBANs don’t have spaces, or “/” in them. I think that “/” maybe should be a number 1, the last digit in the sort-code, but the remaining digits, which should be the actual account number, come up as “Invalid account number” when I try to donate from my bank account. Please correct the IBAN, and add the account number at the end of the posting on the blog where you give the sort-code.

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