UK GLAA chief on Seasonal Worker Scheme (SWS) costs burden

Important – UK GLAA chief on Seasonal Worker Scheme (SWS) costs burden – ‘businesses relying on/profiting from SWS should cover worker costs’ (Guardian, 10th Oct –

See below article is very useful noting GLAA chief comments on SWS costs burden saying businesses relying on SWS should cover visa and transport costs. Note the following key comments in particular…

McCaffrey said businesses relying on overseas labour could better protect those using the visa by funding their travel. Even workers who face no exploitation in the recruitment process can arrive with debts of more than £2,000 to cover the cost of flights and visas for a six-month stay.

’’We know if people’s starting point is that they’re in debt, they’re going to have a less positive experience,” McCaffrey said

’’In an ideal world, those who are profiting from people coming here should pick up that bill … They need workers here for their businesses to run, and £1,000 for somebody coming from a long way away when they’re coming to do that kind of job is a huge amount of money for them to find, and it’s probably much less for these big companies to find.”

McCaffrey said she did not think government regulation was needed to do that, but businesses should consider what was the right thing to do.

Guardian Oct 10th 2022: UK’s labour recruitment watchdog disputes government claim modern slavery laws being ‘gamed,’ investigating seasonal worker recruitment abuse claims

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