Malaysia: Syndication conspiracy poses continued threat

Malaysian migrant worker management systems, for generally low skilled and highly at risk impoverished workers (not just as relates to Bangaldesh but also most if not all source countries including India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Nepal) are still alleged to be utterly corrupted with poor governance and vested or powerful interests always the key focus of discussion and debate. The focus remains on syndication and corruption of these systems, well and beyond the stated commitment by Malaysia to genuinely address forced labour and protect the welfare of foreign workers.

Malaysia should and must create a transparent and fair migration management system that equally balanced national, economic and human security – we need change, not more of the same.

The article below reflects some of the alleged key challenges that continue in Bangaladesh, where the media is more active, but similar challenges in Nepal too…

MALAYSIAN LABOUR MARKET HANGS IN BALANCE – Syndication conspiracy poses threat – No syndication will be allowed in any form, says Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry Secretary

See also Wed Apr 27, 2022 Migration – ‘Consider past factors behind closure of Malaysian market to Bangladeshi workers’ – Civil society for migrants urges Bangladesh and Malaysia governments to end syndicates and promote transparency in migrant management – Bangladesh Civil Society for Migrants (BCSM) today called upon both Bangladesh and Malaysia governments to avert repeat of past mistakes including “syndication” that led to closure of the Malaysian market to Bangladeshi workers –

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