Statement by Andy Hall 31 May 2018 on Appeals Court Verdict

Statement by Andy Hall (31 May 2018 – Kathmandu)

‘’I welcome Thailand’s Appeals Court’s decision today overturning the September 2016 ruling of Bangkok South Criminal Court convicting me of criminal defamation and computer crimes. I take the decision as a positive sign that my and Finnwatch’s research and report on alleged rights violations against migrant workers in Thailand was not an unlawful activity. Further, the Court ruled most progressively that this activity was in the public interest and to be promoted in the Thai society.’’

‘’I have always remained committed to helping Thai society towards promoting and protecting the rights of migrant workers. My time away from Thailand has also provided me ample opportunity to reflect on my previous actions. I take this opportunity today to reaffirm my sincere intention to work constructively and positively with all parties concerned and my legal defense team to find means to bring about genuine reconciliation on all of my legal cases and disputes that are ongoing in Thailand. I believe firmly that reconciliation would benefit all those involved in and adversely impacted by these disputes.’’

‘’Lastly, I look forward hopefully one day in the not too distant future to working once again with all sides in Thailand, which I previously considered for more than a decade as my second home, to promoting and protecting the rights of migrant workers in the country.’’

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