Natural Fruit vs Andy Hall criminal case verdict due on 20th September

On Tuesday 20 September 2016 at 9am local time, Bangkok South Criminal Court will announce its verdict in a criminal case brought by Natural Fruit Company Ltd. against British migrant rights defender Andy Hall on criminal defamation and Computer Crimes Act charges. The verdict follows completion of court hearings stretching over almost 4 years and involving 24 defense and prosecution witnesses and follows submission of closing statements in the case during August 2016.

The verdict will be read in room 405 of the Court on Charoen Krung Road with EU, UK and Finnish government observers in attendance. The charges in this case carry a maximum combined penalty of seven years imprisonment as well as fines should the defendant Andy Hall be found guilty by the Court. Andy Hall will attend the hearing alongside his legal defense team.

For more information on the case and the upcoming verdict, see attached Q & A document, last updated on 12 September 2016 and available at


Sonja Vartiala, executive director, Finnwatch

Andy Hall, researcher and activist

Nakhon Chompuchat, Andy Hall’s head lawyer

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